Kancho Shohei Tada

Kancho Shohei Tada who is the brother of Kancho Heiji Tada has taken over the Seishikan Organisation. We wish him all the best for a long association with him.


Sadly we have just heard about the passing of (Kancho) Heiji Tada on September the 17th, he was the founder of our school. He will be missed. Head over to the news page for an obituary by Shihan Phil Bates.

Seishikan Australia

Seishikan Australia is comprised of a number of clubs spread around Australia, and is headed by Shihan Phil Bates under the direction of Kancho Shohei Tada 8th Dan.

The style of Karate practiced by us is Goju-Ryu and has been operating since 1972 when Shihan Masao Tada came to Australia and started up a Dojo in Gunson Street Adelaide. Sensei Kyoshi Tsujimoto replaced him in 1974.

About the Organisation

Seishikan Australia welcomes new beginners from children to adults male and female. Our instructors are all graded through Japan under the highest standard. Their grades are internationally recognised. To find a club near you just click on the Club link which will take you to your state from there you can look at where the nearest club is for you.







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